Physical Bitcoin

Easy Simple Secure | Offline Cold Wallet

BCmint Physical Bitcoins are both quality and affordable. Our cold storage wallets are of a high standard, with a tamper evident holographic seal protecting the private keys hidden under the reverse.


Physical Bitcoin Wallet

Physical Bitcoin Wallet





  • Beautiful

    BCmint Physical Bitcoins are produced from heavy metals for durability and strength. Our Bitcoins are plated with pure silver and real gold to reflect the pride, value, strength and significance of the coin. (They are shiny)

  • Simple

    BCmint Bitcoins are simple high-quality coins with tamper-evident hologram security foils on the reverse. The public key is visible, and quickly verifiable with QR code. The private key is securely hidden under the tamper-evident secure foil.

  • Security

    Key-pairs are generated in a secure room from offline computers under supervision of the Treasury Director. All data is destroyed at the end of each Minting run, and all systems are reformatted. We are also pleased to offer trust-less advanced 2 factor authorization multisig option (P2SH).

  • Unbranded

    Our Bitcoins are not branded - it's simply Bitcoin. They are sharp and clean, and purposely minted to reflect a common representation of Bitcoin. The BC is the original symbol from Satoshi himself.

  • Shipping

    Our Bitcoins are not digital BTC. They are cold storage wallets and in no way currency. Shipping is calculated at the checkout page, and is usually quick and reasonable.

  • Easy

    Wallets sound daunting? Interested in Bitcoin in general? We make it easy for anyone to get involved in Bitcoin.

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How do I load my coin?

The Physical Bitcoin is an offline cold storage wallet. To fund your coin, you will need to purchase digital Bitcoin (BTC) from an exchange. Here is a good place to start https://bitcoin.org/en/exchanges. You can then send the funds from your online wallet to your BCmint offline wallet.

Is it secure?

The private key, and the lack of needed trust in others, is one of the most revolutionary positive aspects of Bitcoin. The key-pair security issue is extremely serious and we have committed to clean offline protocols. Our published secure methods can be viewed here. To be completely trustless, we also offer Multisig 2FA BCmint coins at minimal extra charge.

Is it legal?

The digital currency Bitcoin is subject to regulations in your country. BCmint Physical Bitcoins are not currency; they are unfunded cold storage wallets. Yes it is perfectly legal.

What are the numismatics?

The BCmint Bitcoin 2020-A is made of heavy copper, with two types of real gold plate, and a pure silver plate face. The large coin is 45mm in diameter and 3.5mm thick. It weighs 49 grams, and feels solid and weighty in your hands.

When will I get my coins?

Please allow 10-14 days for your coins. We will update you with shipping tracking numbers after the coin has been shipped.