BCmint Physical Bitcoins in Detail | 2020-A

BCmint Physical Bitcoin is made of heavy copper with real gold and silver plating. The coin is 45mm in diameter, and 3.5mm thick and weighs 49 grams.

BCmint Physical Bitcoin

The Bitcoin is modeled from Piotr's stock images that were featured in many Bitcoin articles from 2010 to 2015, and was for many, the visual representation of the digital currency.


The reverse of the coin includes the letters BC.  This is the image from Satoshi Nakamoto himself of the first bitcoin logo; released as part of his first bitcoin client.

The outer edge of the hologram has 1/8th wedges; a prominent design feature of Casascius bitcoins by Mike Caldwell, the godfather of the Physical Bitcoin.

The year of the coin (2020) and the production run are also imbedded in the microprint contained within the outer edge.

Two of the outer wedges contain includes the binary spelling of Satoshi Nakamoto.

The key-pairs are created offline using Casascius bitcoin address utility offline. 


BCmint Phyisical Bitcoins embody the rich history of Physical Bitcoins, and will strive to be worthy of those who have influenced its creation.