Physical Bitcoin contains the public key (bitcoin address) on the visible hologram with QR code, and the private key hidden under the tamper evident hologram.

This key pair creates an offline cold wallet. It will be sent to you with 0.00 BTC. You may then purchase Bitcoin on an exchange. 

Redeeming your BCmint Bitcoin  from Offline Storage

Step 1 - Peel the tamper evident holographic seal

Step 2 - Expose the "BC" foil 


Step 3 - Pull out the private key disc


Step 4 - Open your hot wallet for importing

We recommend wallet

Create a Bitcoin Wallet online at or any other wallet of your choosing.


Step 5 - Import Private Key and Scan 


Simply import  "Wallet Addresses" 

Then scan the QR code.

Your BCmint Physical Bitcoin Wallet funds are now swept into your online wallet