Introducing the BCmint

We love Bitcoin and all things crypto-currency. Digital Currencies are fun and exciting.  We want to help spread the Bitcoin word, ease some of the initial barriers of understanding, and bridge the gap between the daunting initial first steps to Bitcoin and its eventual global adoption.

We think Physical Bitcoin is cool so we made our own mint.  We are going to have some fun with this!

We are an office group on Boracay Island, Philippines; one of the best tourism islands in the world with one of the top 10 beaches.  We run a large travel company was an old idea from 2015 that was dusted off and brought back to life during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic with no tourists. Our office teams are involved in the project.

The secure key-pair process is supervised by our Managing Director; whereas the keys are printed and records destroyed using Casascius bitcoin address utility offline.

The plan for the BCmint is to produce a primary line of Physical Bitcoin and evolve this over time. Additionally a trustless two factor authorization coin will be available, as well as some custom coins whereas company logos or art can be included in the tamper evident hologram foil.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your BCmint Physical Bitcoins as much as we enjoyed creating them!


Department of Trade and Industry Registration No. 99374 (in process November 3, 2020) as BCmint Trophy and Medal